Legal services

PRWT provides high-quality legal services performing by advocates and solicitors specialized in the areas of law related to running a business, including:

In the case of personal matters of our clients, PRWT provides the services of lawyers specializing in family law (including maintenance support and child care), civil, criminal and inheritance law.

The price of legal services depends on the nature of the case.

If you would like to get more information on the scope and price of legal services, contact us.

Commercial companies law

Within this area of law, PRWT provides highly specialized legal services, including such legal matters as:

  • registration of a commercial company both in traditional form and via the Internet
  • preparation of corporate documents of the company, including shareholders’ resolutions, documentation of shareholders’ meetings
  • approving annual reports, submitting company documents to the National Court Register/Repository of Financial Documents
  • transformation of a commercial company, division of a company, merger of companies), including accounting and tax issues
  • analysis of the company’s legal status (legal and accounting audits)
  • liquidation of a commercial company
  • dissolution of a commercial company
  • bankruptcy of a commercial company
  • amendment of the company contract
  • loans in a commercial company
  • exclusion of a partner from the company
  • redemption of shares
  • withdrawal of contributions from the company
  • appealing to the court of resolutions of shareholders’ meetings
  • agreements between the company for members of the management board and partners of the company
  • liability of management and liquidators in a commercial company
  • claims between the company and shareholders and board members
  • repayment of partners
  • exclusion of partners from participation in the company
  • redemption of shares
  • settlements between partners
  • criminal liability of management board members
  • surcharges in a limited liability company
  • increasing and reducing the share capital
  • legal services for shareholders’ meetings
  • advising members of the management board and partners on corporate matters
  • agreements and arrangements of partners
  • restrictions on share trading
  • fiduciary transfer of shares

Commercial contracts law

PRWT provides legal services related to commercial contracts, which includes:

  • preparation of contracts for the supply of goods, contracts for the performance of construction works, contracts for the provision of services, contracts in the field of transport law, energy contracts and others
  • negotiating contracts terms
  • pre-litigation and court disputes related to the performance/non-performance of contracts
  • dissolution and termination of commercial contracts
  • change of contract terms
  • assignments of rights under contracts
  • warranties and guarantees
  • performance security for contracts

Debt collection

PRWT provides legal services in the field of pre-litigation, judicial and post-trial recovery, which includes:

  • preparation of requests for payment
  • negotiations with debtors
  • preparing lawsuits for payment and conducting court proceedings
  • obtaining executive and enforcement titles
  • directing cases to a bailiff
  • supervision over bailiff enforcement

Labour law

PWRT provides specialized services in the field of labour law which include, among other things, such matters as:

  • consultations regarding employment contracts, work, orders
  • legal assistance in the correct formulation of terminations from employment contracts
  • support in current employee matters for employees of human resources and payroll departments
  • consultations on working time, working time schedules
  • responsibility of employees, including for entrusted property
  • performance of employee duties
  • preparation of internal regulations, including work regulations, assistance in the preparation of remuneration regulations
  • disputes with trade unions
  • dismissals of employees for economic reasons and group layoffs
  • disputes with employees before Labor Courts
  • interpretation of unclear labour law provisions
  • allegations of mobbing, conducting court cases in this regard
  • infringement of employees’ personal interests
  • breach of the trade secret by employees
  • preparation of non-competition agreements and clauses, conducting court cases in this regard
  • contracts with employment agencies

Administrative law

PRWT provides legal services in the field of administrative law related to running a business.

Cases in this area concern, among others:

  • administrative and legal permits
  • concessions
  • tax administrative proceedings
  • proceedings before Customs Offices
  • proceedings before Administrative Courts
  • real estate transformation proceedings
  • real estate tax proceedings
  • construction law proceedings
  • proceedings before the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection and appeals against the decisions of this Office
  • proceedings before the Energy Regulatory Office and appeals against its decisions
  • proceedings before the National Labour Inspectorate
  • proceedings before the Chief Sanitary Inspector
  • proceedings before the Public Procurement Office

Real estate law

PRWT provides services by lawyers specializing in real estate law.

Cases in this area include, among others:

  • checking the legal status of real estate
  • making entries in the land and mortgage register
  • preparation of real estate contracts, including sale, rental and lease
  • regulation of the legal status of real estate
  • easements and right-of-ways
  • claims relating to the use of real estate, including non-contractual use
  • expropriation of real estate
  • co-ownership termination of real estate
  • real estate inheritance cases
  • legal preparation of real estate for investment processes
  • perpetual usufruct of real estate
  • real estate damages
  • agricultural real estate trade

Copyright and industrial property law

PRWT provides legal services by lawyers specialized in intellectual property law.

In the field of copyright, these matters concern, among others:

  • copyright infringement
  • fair use
  • computer programs
  • copyrights in architectural and industrial design documentation
  • copyrights and property law
  • advertising law

In the field of industrial property law, these include matters concerning:

  • inventions, related patents and patent infringements
  • trademarks and trademark infringements
  • industrial designs and industrial design violations
  • agreements for the use of patents, trademarks and industrial designs (license agreements)

Unfair competition law

PRWT provides legal services by lawyers specializing in competition law.

Cases in this area include in particular:

  • company identification
  • imitation of products
  • fraudulent, misleading marking of goods
  • copying products
  • “stealing” information constituting a business secret
  • “stealing” the company’s customers
  • disseminating false or misleading information about goods or services produced by the company, their quality, people holding managerial positions, handling complaints and warranty
  • hindering access to the market
  • price collusion
  • price dumping
  • unequal treatment of customers
  • the use of misleading advertising
  • taking advantage of someone else’s reputation
  • defamatory statements on the Internet
  • parallel import of goods from the EU

Criminal economic law and penal fiscal law

PRWT provides legal assistance in matters related to economic criminal law and fiscal penal law.

Cases in this area concern:

  • legal assistance in the event of pre-trial detention
  • attorney assistance during preparatory proceedings
  • legal aid at the stage of court proceedings
  • preparation of private prosecution
  • assistance in the preparation of notifications on suspicion of committing a crime
  • acting to the detriment of the company
  • obstructing the pursuit of creditors’ claims
  • criminal liability of company managers
  • tax and customs crimes
  • crimes in the field of intellectual property law (copyright and industrial property law)
  • crimes in the field of unfair competition law

Tax law

PRWT provides legal services in the field of tax law.

Cases in this area relate to, among others:

  • proceedings before Tax Offices and Tax Administration Chambers
  • proceedings before Administrative Courts (Provincial and Supreme Administrative Court)