Offer of accounting services in Krakow and around Krakow area

PRWT – who we are and who we work for


  • is an accounting company engaged in the provision of accounting services and services supporting the business activities of companies
  • offers services for both commercial companies, cooperatives, associations and foundations as well as for individuals conducting individual business activity.

Service of the PRWT accounting office in Krakow

Accounting services for companies in and around Krakow are provided as part of our Krakow accounting office by licensed by the Ministry of Finance dedicated PRWT accountants. Thanks to this, we are able to provide companies from the Krakow market with high quality services with simultaneous full availability of them and direct contact with the client.

PRWT also provides business support services, including legal services, by Krakow lawyers specializing in commercial matters.

Benefits of cooperation with PRWT

  • high quality of services – many years of accounting experience – license from the Ministry of Finance
  • comprehensive service of economic activity – one company all matters
  • favorable price – cost savings
  • security for the company and its managements