About us

PRWT is an accounting office providing bookkeeping services in Polnad, Warsaw and Krakow. We also deal with HR and payroll. We offer professional legal services for business and private personal matters of company managers. We help you make right business decisions.

PRWT as an accounting office directing its accounting services in Warsaw and Krakow for companies – commercial law companies, cooperatives, associations, foundations and individuals conducting business activity in the form of an individual or a civil partnership. As a part of our accounting services, we provide integrated and simplified accounting. Our accountants worked as chief accountants for listed companies with several branches in Poland, international corporations operating in Poland, but also provided accounting services for family limited liability companies operating on the local market. For this reason, we know the specifics of many industries, the requirements and needs of various companies in the field of cost aggregation, depreciation and tax settlements.

Lawyers cooperating with PRWT are specialists in specific areas of law, including business, commercial companies, criminal economic and fiscal penal law.

Thanks to our knowledge and many years of experience, we can meet your accounting and legal needs, while ensuring full professionalism and the availability of our services. We are here, and we work professionally to provide complete accounting and legal services for each company. PRWT provides reliable accounting services, ensuring a high standard of these services. We try to understand the needs of our clients and fully satisfy them. We know that there are many problems in any business and that you sometimes have to make risky decisions. PRWT helps its clients build their business.

PRWT Księgowość i Obsługa Biznesu sp. z o.o.
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