kadry i płace

HR and payroll

Apart from accounting services, PRWT also provides full HR and payroll services, including:

  • keeping personnel documentation
  • preparation of employment contracts
  • preparing terminations for employment contracts
  • issuing employment certificates
  • preparation of payrolls
  • preparation of civil law contracts
  • settlement of personal income tax
  • preparation of tax returns
  • preparing Social Security declarations
  • representation before Social Security

We provide HR and payroll services in a thoughtful manner, primarily guided by the economic issues of our clients. This approach applies in particular to settlements of social security contributions as well as employment matters. Our goal is to conduct a fully effective, efficient and economically thought-out HR and payroll policy.

The price of PRWT HR and payroll services depends on the scope of services provided.

To obtain more information about the price and principles of providing HR and payroll services of PRWT, contact us.