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    Accounting office Poland - Warsaw - Cracow

    PRWT Księgowość i Obsługa Biznesu sp. z o.o. is accounting office that conducts accounting services in Poland, Warsaw and Cracow, for companies and provides services supporting the business through, in particular, tax and legal consultancy. We provide accounting services both for commercial law companies, cooperatives, associations and foundations as well as for individuals conducting individual business activity.

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    Accounting and HR services in Poland

    As part of the accounting services provided in Poland by our accounting office in Krakow and Warsaw, we offer:
    - keeping commercial and revenues & expenses books
    - keeping records of fixed assets
    - keeping VAT records and preparing VAT returns
    - calculating tax liabilities
    - preparation of CIT, PIT tax returns and Central Statistical Office and the National Bank of Poland reports
    - preparation of annual financial reports
    - representation before tax authorities
    - settlement of subsidies and other forms of financing from external sources, including those from the EU
    - HR and payroll services
    - legal support in accounting and HR matters

    Why accounting office PRWT:
    - over 20 years in the accounting services market, certificate of the Polish Ministry of Finance
    - reliability and friendly contact
    - good prices


    Accounting, HR and payroll, law in Poland

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